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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, we will try to answer them!

What equipment do I need for a class?

Most of the time, the event descriptions already contain the utensils or “skills” you should bring along for the event. If something is unclear, you can contact us directly via the contact form.

Who organizes my event?

Sports-Mania is only responsible for arranging sports events. The individual events and courses are conducted by trained and selected sports coaches. Therefore, the terms and conditions of the respective provider also apply to the course.

When and where do I pay my event?

You have four different ways to pay your booking:

without any account data in advance with PayPal
conveniently in advance with your credit card
easy & fast in advance with an instant bank transfer
With our pre-payment options you will receive a confirmation and your invoice directly by e-mail!

pay directly at the trainer, who will then give you an invoice

How can I cancel an event?

The easiest way to cancel is to have a free Sports-Mania customer account. You can view all your booked events & courses under “My Courses” and cancel them with one click. But pay attention to our cancellation conditions!

What advantages does my user account have?
  • Overview “My courses
  • Login data (name, e-mail & password” are reserved for bookings
  • Unsubscribe via click in the “My Courses” section
  • very easy sharing of events with your friends via button
  • List of already completed and upcoming events and courses
  • notifications about new events and courses
  • easy cancellation processing
  • easy online payment processing
How does an online payment work?

Pay for your events & courses in advance and save time and effort at the event. So you can fully concentrate on your sports experience and get your invoice easily sent by mail.

pay via Paypal, credit card or instant bank transfer
of course it is still possible to pay directly at the event.
If there is a problem with the online payment, please contact us immediately, thank you!

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